Oriental Global
International Maritime Academy

Representing Bangladesh to The World

Training Facilities

OGIMA is pledge bound to provide modern maritime training basing on the contemporary curriculum of the world  maritime education in line with other maritime academies of home and abroad. Hence, the academy accommodates various facilities required for a standard training of the trainees. It in-houses  a full fledged Seamanship Laboratory, Engineering Workshop, Computer Laboratory etc including a Library of professional interest for a balance training of the trainees. It is to note that the academy exerts top priority to the acquisition of  professional knowledge over all other aspects of training for the trainees to become bona fide  seafarers. So, books of maritime education in various dimensions are therefore imperative in this regard.

Regimentation of trainees is also the prime concern of Oriental Global International Maritime Academy. It undertakes various training of ship borne activities  resorting to regimented behavior of the trainees. During training, the academy befits the trainees to sustain hardship of life comfortably at sea in any situation with skill and confidence. It can be mentioned that, on completion of training from OGIMA , trainees leave the academy being complacent of their expectation of training and bright hope of life.


Our academy facilitates the trainees with various co-curricular activities including parade, indoor and outdoor sports as well as cultural activities that transcend physio-psychological spirit to grow up as a squarely  balanced mariner and a good human above all. Actually, the academy molds the trainees with requisite criteria to be able to work as international mariners in the overseas merchant shipping corporations with name and fame.


The academy undertakes maritime training for our young generation in order to facilitate them with a sure certain  glorious life of employment in merchant ships oversea in future. It is to mention that this maritime institute arranges jobs on board the overseas merchant ships by its own subsidiary manning institute that makes the trainees remain expected of employment. To be quite specific, training in OGIMA  thus becomes meaningful and successful for trainees.