Oriental Global
International Maritime Academy

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Mission & Vision



Water covers more than two thirds of the earth surface. People across the world are gradually inclining to venture into the massive utility of these waters of the world and explore this arena to ease their life towards high standard in the cheapest and simplest way. There is a wide scope and vast opportunity for humans to utilize their varied skill in this big arena of the planet. In fact, people may have multifarious access to it as part of better livelihood. Since the immemorial past, very few have rendered their endeavor for a better life at sea. But, utilization of this three-forth space of the planet can dramatically change the fate of humans and can bring into a new transformation of life on earth where largely growing population of every country and the world itself can employ the human resources in the waters.

We see the possibility of enormous scope and take into consideration to venture it for our people. We work to connect the world by transporting our goods employing our trained manpower through the seas. Sea transportation is reasonable for about 90% of the world trade. Bangladesh, with the huge number of prospective young labor force, can easily grab a decisive role in the world maritime arena and subsequently in the transportation cycle of sea. In the greater perspective of seas and on the socio-economic perspective of our country, we have had such an enterprise of running a private maritime academy namely ‘Oriental Global International Maritime Academy’ that takes every possible measure to provide quality education and training in order to produce competent seafarers for the maritime world.

Hence, in the purview of maritime prospect of the promising young generation of the country, we cherish our solemn mission “Developing world class maritime professionals in order to establish Bangladesh as one of the leaders in the world maritime industry”. Nevertheless, we have also a plan to undertake maritime education and training for the overseas trainees to grow up as competent seafarers.



Nations are quite necessarily getting inclined to the vast utility of seas. Globalization is expediting this notion and increasing the trend towards finding the wide possibility of life at seas. Littoral states have always thrived their efforts diverting the people’s attention to seas by means of effective activities in government and private sectors. Govt of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have been relentlessly rendering its all out efforts for the livelihood of sea going people in national and international waters.  Having envisaged the bright prospect and wide possibility of better life for our people, we have had such a big enterprise of running a private maritime academy “Oriental Global International Maritime Academy” approved by the government (Registration Number …………..  ) to produce a competent maritime community of Bangladesh.

Oriental Global International Maritime Academy was established in 2019 under the Ministry of Shipping and in the quickest span of time it has attained a certain standard to go by its vision boastfully. The academy molds its trainees into ideal seafarers for national and international waters with due regimentation and professional knowledge to sustain the hardship of life comfortably at sea in any situation with skill and confidence. The seafarers trained from the academy are always confident and reliable to serve the purpose of the ship owners and the management and fulfil the mission and vision of the academy. In fact, trainees of this academy are trustworthy and dependable as competent seafarers. Following points are notable in respect of maritime training and education in the academy:


a.        Becoming the Maritime Academy of choice to the marine professionals & recruiters and the partner of trust for international collaborations.

b.       Ensuring a unique learning experience for the students to consistently meet the purpose and exceed the expectations of maritime education and training.

c.       Contributing to the development of native maritime education and training and in process increasing the employment opportunities.


The academy ultimately keeps its vision “Emerging as a leading maritime education, training and research facilities provider in the shipping world through continuous innovation and endeavour”. Oriental Global International Maritime Academy is oath bound to reach its mission and vision by all means.