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Library is a store house of knowledge and a library is for acquisition of knowledge. Keeping this in view, OGIMA gives importance to acquisition of knowledge for its trainees to become ideal mariners in their professional life. OGIMA maintains a library of wide collection of books of professional interest of contemporary maritime world and of general interest as well. The library accommodates various books for all kind of trainees of different branches or departments and they can meet their individual needs during training from the library. Trainees of Deck & Engine, Saloon (Cook & Steward), Welder & Fitter and Short Courses as well have availabilities of books of their interest to study during training to gain respective knowledge. Trainees enjoy their library work according to the routine everyday under the supervision of the Course Instructor of OGIMA and acquisition of knowledge is ensured by the academy. Trainees also have their leisure time as a scope to use the library and acquire knowledge. OGIMA gives priority to acquisition of professional knowledge over all other aspects of training and the library reserves this ample scope for our trainees to study and do research work to master their knowledge of interest in order to become confident mariners for home and international waters.  It is to note that OGIMA is there to modernize its library with the time to cope up with the contemporary maritime world and serve the purpose of the trainees by all means.