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Accommodation & Mess

OGIMA provides healthy accommodation facilities to its trainees in a congenial atmosphere with professional environment. The Academy can accommodate a number of 100 trainees altogether currently in its dormitories. There prevails a unique ambience for the trainees to practice maritime culture in the accommodation.  Accommodation facilities have been managed and arranged with necessary facilities in an international standard according to STCW guidelines so that trainees can comfortably adjust them with the ship’s life at sea and in overseas countries. In fact, we ensure a clean, spacious, safe and healthy environment for the trainees in the accommodation for a comfortable life and sound health.

The academy has its own Mess that provides hygienic and nutritious meals five times a day as per menu. Special menus are designed for special occasions and holidays. The menu is regularly checked by the Management to ensure its quality and quantity. Meal is always served under the supervision of a duty instructor to teach etiquettes and manners in the dining hall to uphold the maritime tradition in the trainees.  The following is the normal composition of the daily menu:

a.    Breakfast: Egg, Parata, vegetable or Beef khichuri and Tea

b.    Stand Easy Tea: Singara/ Biscuits/ Bread/Cake & Tea

c.    Luncheon: Rice/Polao, Beef/Chicken/Fish/Vegetables, Dal, Salad, Fruit

d.    Evening Tea: Biscuits/ Bread/Cake & Tea

e.    Dinner: Rice/Polao, Beef/Chicken/Fish/ Vegetables, Dal, Salad, Soup, Sweet

f.   However, this menu is flexible /adjustable depending on the training requirements and health fitness.